Ifill Podcast Suite Booking

Please note that you will be required to take a 30-Min training before you can book the space on your own.
Please select the appointment type to make a booking.


Required first-time “How-to-Use” training for Podcast Room.
These can only be scheduled between the hours of 10 am-4 pm M-F.

Duration: 30 minutes

45-Min Quick Recording

This slot is for quicker recording sessions with no editing in the suite.

Duration: 45 minutes

1-Hour Recording

This slot is for a longer scripted recording, best for a final run or for some additional content recording. No Editing in Suite

Duration: 1 hour

2-Hour Recording/Basic Editing

This time slot is good for recording and some basic editing. This is also ideal for a phone interview.

Duration: 2 hours

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